If you can confidently wire in a car radio, you can probably install our hardwired tracking units.  If not, we can get your units professionally installed or you can use one of our OBD plugin units.

Getting started

Enclosed in the package you will find the Tracking Unit and a mounting bracket. The instructions below provide a brief guide for installation; please refer to the accompanying manual for more detailed explanations as necessary. Before mounting the unit, ensure you have all the components shown in the diagram. You also need to record the serial number and four-character code printed underneath the device. For ease, many customers take a photo of the label before installation.

Step 1 - Mounting the Unit

In most vehicles, the Trip counter (see above diagram) is mounted underneath or behind the dashboard, where it has full functionality and will not affect the safety of the vehicle or its occupants.  The bracket should first be securely mounted in a near level position where it will have a clear line of sight through the dashboard towards the sky.  Avoid mounting the unit immediately under a metal structure, as it will disrupt the GPS; glass, plastic and wood will not interfere with performance.  The best location is directly under a slightly sloping section of the dashboard, where anything on top of the unit would slide off when the vehicle is in motion.  The Trip counter should be firmly mounted so that it does not rattle when subjected to normal vehicle vibration.  The unit should be slotted into the mounting bracket (and secured with cable ties) with the Quartix logo facing skyward, and the bar-code label facing the ground.

Step 2 - Wiring

Refer to the table to connect the wires to the correct locations. All connections MUST be soldered and sleeved.

Step 3 - Initialisation of the Unit

To initialise the unit, the engine needs to be running for 1 minute and then switched off. The device will be trying to lock onto satellite signals, so the vehicle must be in an open space with a clear view of the sky. The LEDs (on the side of the device) will flicker on and off while the unit initialises. When the unit has gained GPS lock, the GPS LED will illuminate permanently and the unit will communicate over the network. The DATA LED will stop flickering and illuminate permanently after a successful transmission has completed.

Step 4 - Adding your install to your online account

When you have installed your tracking device and taken it for a short trip (around the block) you will need to email your install and vehicle details to our Systems Support team on systemssupport@quartix.net (UK Customers) or systemssupport@quartix.com (US Customers).

The information our team will need is listed below:

  • Unit serial number

  • Vehicle registration

  • Vehicle make & model

  • Vehicle mileage

Once our team have confirmed your installation has been processed you can then logon and start tracking your vehicle(s).

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