In addition to having the ability to now change your own password online, as a full administrator you can also update other Quartix users set up on your account should they have forgotten or misplaced their details. Alternatively, you could also change another users password to prevent access due to them leaving the company.

How do you know if you have full administration access?
If you have full administration access to Quartix you will not only be able to see the additional option in your menu (Configuration) but you will also be able to view and access all vehicles and groups under your account.

How to reset another users password
Once logged in with your administration access select Configuration > User Preferences. After you have clicked on 'User Preference' you will be taken to a Quartix search screen consisting of a single drop box labelled 'Person'. When selected you will see all login access details held under your account which will list their username and access permission. (An example image is shown below)

Selecting a user for update
Select the username for update from your drop list and click OK. This will take you to the password change screen as shown below.

To change the password for this user tick the 'Reset Password' which will then highlight the options below.

You will need to enter the password you login into the system with in the first field. Please note: This will need to be entered exactly as you were sent it as this field will be case sensitive and need to match 100% with the details we hold on our database.

In the 'New Password' field enter your new password. Please note your password will need to be at least 8 characters long and must NOT contain any spaces or special characters.

The third and final option under this section is 'Confirm New Password' where you will need to confirm the new password you entered in the previous field.

Now all fields have been completed the 'Update' button will now be highlighted for you to select and save your changes.

Note: Once any password has been changed the user will automatically be logged out of all devices within 30 minutes should they not logout in the meantime.

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