Manage Custom Locations

You can upload customised locations/points of interest in bulk using the Quartix website and accessing it with your administration login details.

The 'Custom locations' feature allows you to add and maintain large numbers of custom locations. This allows for greater flexibility to customise locations which your fleet regularly visits. The 'Custom locations' option can be located under Configuration from your main menu.

Uploading your customised locations list

In order to upload a batch of customised locations simply click on the 'Import Custom Locations' button located towards the right of the page. When selected, you can click on the question mark which provide additional information relating to the format required for a successful upload.

In the simplest format, the Excel spreadsheet that will be used to upload the customised locations needs two columns (example shown below).

Name: The location name as you would like this show online when visited
Address: Add the postcode only or include the house/building number and postcode

Save your Excel document ready for upload. Once you have saved this to your computer click on the magnifying glass button shown alongside the 'Choose spreadsheet' option. This will bring up another window that will allow you to search your computer for the spreadsheet file.

Once added you will need to enter an expiry date. This date is for reference only and will NOT remove any off the system when the dates come around. Once you have selected your file and added an expiry date your screen will look to similar to the above example.

From here click the 'upload' button You will then be taken to a summary screen of your locations as shown below. Note: Depending on the volume you are uploading this may take a short time to populate

Should you add more location details on your upload spreadsheet the other fields will not show blank. If you are happy with this select the green 'Import' button at the top of the page, above your location list.

If there are no errors and no ambiguous locations identified, you will receive a message display that confirms the import has been completed.

Ambiguous addresses for checking

If there are ambiguous addresses, it may be because no house/building number was included or a partial postcode has been input or is incorrect. In these cases the system will display the possible options (where available) that it has found for those locations (below). All other locations will now have been successfully added, leaving you to select the locations for the ambiguous locations.

Additional support notes are located to the right hand side of this list on what actions need to be taken with the ambiguous locations. Locations you are able to confirm and would like adding to your list simply click 'Select'. Any locations that are not found or any locations you would like to double check you can downloaded to a spreadsheet by clicking 'Download Ambiguous Addresses' button.

You can then double check these and correct them as required, save to your computer and re-upload these for processing.

Any customised location that is added to the system will only be used for future visits. No data is updated retrospectively.

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