Filing your taxes doesn't have to be a headache. Quartix can calculate the mileage information you need in the required format, reducing the time you will spend on paperwork.

Where to find the IFTA mileage report
This report can be found online using both your user and administration login access details and selecting the 'Trips' option from your application menu.

How the Quartix IFTA report can help you!

  1. Simplify your fuel tax reporting - If you file IFTA tax reports, Quartix can help with a tax calculator that is directly tied into your GPS tracking for greater accuracy

  2. Calculate the average MPG for every vehicle - Your GPS tracking device will identify the miles travelled in each IFTA region. All you will need to do is enter the total fuel purchased by the vehicle and the calculator gives you the taxable gallons

  3. Reduce the time you spend on paperwork - Get the numbers you need in the format you need for filing without stress

For more information on this report check out our YouTube videos which are accessible under the below links.

Tracking Expert Ashley Bates talks through the Quartix IFTA reporting.

Quartix IFTA mileage

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