What is Quartix Trip Reporter?
Trip Reporter enables you to view summary and detailed trip information for your vehicles over an extended time period. It allows you to run the report against vehicles or a drivers (Driver refers to Driver ID Tagging feature)

Where can you find this report?
This report can be found under the 'Trips' option from the main menu when logged in with either your user or administration login details.

What is the longest period you can run this report for?
You can access data online dating back just over 12 months before it is archived off the website. You could run 12 months of data on this single report however, beware if running the report for long periods and over many vehicles the report may take a little time to make this available for you.

Can you export this data from the website for your records?
Yes! The brilliant thing about this report is that once you have run the data you can export this directly from the site into an Excel or CSV document. This feature allows you to archive any data your end should you need to refer to this at short notice and provide you with peace of mind. Trip Reporter results can also be printed directly from the website in a detailed and user friendly format.

A brief overview of Trip Reporter

Setting your Parameters

When selecting the report you will be shown an extended version of the Quartix search form. There are additional parameters that allow you take greater control on what information is displayed on your report.

Below is a little more information on what each of the above parameters will give you when running a report.

Running your report

Once you have selected your parameters click 'View trips' to run the report. Once run you will be shown a summary for each vehicle similar to the below which is great for an overview on your vehicles activity over the time period you have run this for.

You can take a more detailed look into the vehicles activity by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the left of your plate number.

Depending on how the report has been grouped, the controls to move between pages will either be by date, vehicle or Driver in the top left hand corner.

Schedule Trip reporter to send daily, weekly or monthly

To set this report to send automatically simply click the icon shown as a clock face in the top right of the report when run online.

When selected a pop up will appear for you to customise the report name, email recipients, schedule time and also the time and date it runs. Click on 'Schedule' to save your set up.

Exporting the data from the website

One of many benefits of Trip reporter is the ability to to export the information into an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If you prefer CSV file, it can be exported in this format also.
In order to export your information simply click on the 'Export' icon which is located on the right hand side of the screen.

You will then see the above image showing you the options to export the file as an Excel or CSV and also if you would like to export the summary data only or the detailed data which will include all of the trip data after the magnifying glass is selected.

Once you are happy click on 'Export' and this will start the process of generating this for you as well as prompting you to either open the file or open the folder where it has been created. These options are shown in a strip box across the bottom of the screen.

Printing the report direct from the site

The Trip reporter can also be printed via the website using the "Print" button which located in the top right hand corner of the report.

When selected, the printing is controlled by the printing attributes of the web browser you are using, so Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will operate slightly differently. 

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