The Daily Driver Briefing will provide you with an insight into the daily driving style of your drivers. This report can be generated either for a single vehicle or, if Driver ID tags are used, for a specific driver, to see individual scores.

Where can you find this report online?
You can access this report under the 'Driving Style' section online from your left hand menu when logged in with your user or administration login access details.

What information will this report show you?
The report gives you information on speed and driving time, plus acceleration and braking events. These are then used to give the driver a score out of 100 that can be easily referenced. The closer the score to 100, the better.

The chart below is a visual representation of your vehicles acceleration and braking information that is recorded over the course of the day. Each bar on the chart is the sum of six minutes worth of acceleration or braking values.

Within the Daily Driver Briefing report is the driver's speed profile, or speed report for the day (shown below).

Speeds in MPH are listed on the left hand side and run horizontal across the graph through the speed data point. If viewed across several data points, the speed limit is clear, however hovering over the data line will show you the speed limit, the driver's speed and the speed distribution percentile.

Can you recover this information from our site?
As with many of the reports on your Quartix online account the Daily driver briefing report can also be printed for your records, an example of the print preview is shown below.

Identify your best drivers and those who may need to improve...
The data from this report is recorded in our League table for each driver which can also be located under the Driving style section online. This will allow you to compare groups of vehicles or drivers over a specified time. See related articles below for more information on this report and how this can improve your driver scores and overall fleet performance.

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