Wouldn't it be great if you could rank your drivers to see those who are saving you money and driving safely and those which may be doing the opposite when they drive away from the office? Well....now you can with the Quartix League table.

What will this league table show you?
Like any league table this will rank each driver from top to bottom based on their individual driving style scores allowing you to see how they directly compare against each other. Fleet driving style scores can also be compared across groups of vehicles or even the whole fleet.

How can your drivers be ranked?
Driver rankings can be carried out on acceleration or braking indexes as well as the overall fleet driving style score, and can also be measured over any selected period. Drivers taking too much risks will stand out in red. The best drivers will appear green, and those in between will be yellow.

The league table also shows you how many miles and hours have been driven for the selected time period.

What time period can you run this over?
You decide, your tracking data is stored online for just over 12 months before being archived meaning you can run this for anytime within this period.

Why this report is vital in managing your drivers and fleet
One word and that is MONEY!! - Monitoring and improving driver behaviours in your fleet can result in fuel savings between 8% and 14%, not to mention giving you peace of mind that your drivers are taking to the roads safely. Spot your risky drivers, help them get better, improve your business.

Get your drivers on board!

There is noting like a bit of healthy competition and using our league table can create this to improve individuals and your fleet. Publish the league table for drivers to see their current standings so they can see how they fair and why not add incentives which can be a great way to boost your scores.

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