The driving style league table compares the driving style scores and speed scores of all vehicles or drivers over your selected time period.

Where to find this report

You can access this report using your administration or user login details and selecting the 'Driving Style' option from your left hand menu. Once selected this section will extend, listing all of the reports available under the driving style section. To access this report select League table.

Running the driving style league table

Once you have selected the League table you will be presented with the standard Quartix search screen as shown below.

In order to generate this report, each area shown in the search screen must be completed. Below is a brief description on each area.

1.Group: From this drop down box you must select a group or you can run the report on all groups, depending on how many vehicles are in your fleet.

2.Group by: The report can be run by vehicle or by driver. The vehicle option will be based on the vehicle only, the driver option will only display information if you are using Driver ID tags.

3. Start date: Date you are running the report from

4. End date: Date you are running the report to

Now you have set your search criteria you can click 'View league table' to run the report. Depending on how many vehicles you are running this for the report may take a few moments to populate and show on screen. However, once it has populated you will see something similar to the below image.

Understanding the data

Visually you will notice the drivers highlighted in 3 colours. Green=Good Score, Yellow=Okay score but room for improvement and Red=Not good.

The following headings are included as part of the League table.

You will notice alongside each heading there are small triangles pointing up and down. When selected they will allow you to sort the information by these headings and can change the order in which your information is presented on the table.

  1. Driving time: The total driving time in hours for the report period

  2. Distance (miles): The total distance in miles for the report period

  3. Speed score: Relative speed score out of 100

  4. Acceleration index: The weighted acceleration score for the report period

  5. Braking index: The weighted braking score for the report period

  6. Driving style score: The driving style score out of 100

Reporting format

In the right hand corner, there is a chart symbol (image shown below). Selecting this option will allow you to see the driving style and speed scores in a chart format.

The chart is a graphical representation of the driving style scores and speed scores. It lists them in ascending order, with the vehicle/drivers with the lowest score at the top. You can toggle between your driving and speed scores using he radio button option towards the top right of the page.

To return to the table view select the below icon which will be located in the top right of the graph.

Exporting the League table from the website

This report can be printed directly from the website or exported to a CSV file.

Printing from the website

Select the printer icon from the control panel shown on the top bar of the report, as shown below.

The printing will be controlled by the printing attributes of your web browser you are using, so Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will operate slightly different. You can print both the table format and graphical format from the site.

Exporting to a CSV file
To export the data from the site click on the export icon from the menu controls when in table view. The export icon is shown as an arrow pointing downwards to a hard drive.

Once export has been clicked the document will be available for selection from a bar at the bottom of the page. The document will show as an Excel worksheet, from here you can open this and save to your machine as you wish.

The CSV file opens in Microsoft Excel and the data in the report can reformatted to suit individual needs. When you first open the document, it will be in protected view (shown as a yellow bar at the top of the page). In order to enable editing you will need to click on this bar.

Note: The colour-coding that is visible on the online report does not show in the exported report.

Schedule your Driving style league table to send by email

You can also schedule your driving style report online to send by email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In order to set this up you will need to generate the league table online for the criteria you wish this to schedule on, selecting the group where applicable and group by option if you use driving id tags. Once entered select 'view league table'.

Your league table will now show online for you, to schedule the report click on the 'Schedule' icon shown shown in the control panel on the top bar of the report. This icon is shown as a clock face as shown below.

Once selected a pop up will appear for you to input your information. When you have completed all fields, click on the 'Schedule' option which will save your set up.

Need to make changes to your scheduled report?
If you need to make any changes to the set up of this report once you have saved it you can access all scheduled reports set up using your administration login details. Simply select Configuration > Scheduled reports and click on the line you wish to amend to see the above pop up once again.

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