Adding groups to your account allows you to keep your fleet organised when accessing your vehicles online for viewing, access and reporting.

Create groups
Using your administration login details you can now create your own groups online. Simply click on Configuration > Groups. Select the + symbol located alongside the search box towards the top right corner to add your new group. From here you can add as many groups as you wish.

How will grouping your vehicles benefit you?
Grouping vehicles can benefit any size fleet and will allow you to run specific reports by team or department. Emailed daily reports can also be activated based on groups of vehicles to recipients who you may not wish to be reported on all vehicles. In addition to this by creating groups you can also customise user access permissions based on them and therefore avoiding unnecessary access being provided to those who do not wish or are authorised to see them.

Populating your newly added groups
When adding your new group you will also have the option to allocate your vehicles to it before saving this to your account. If you did not wish to allocate them at this time you can revisit this at any time using the below methods;

  1. Configuration > Vehicles

  2. Configuration > Groups

Option 1 will allow you to manage individual vehicles using the group id drop boxes where as option 2 can be used to allocate multiple vehicles to their required groups.

Additional info
You can have as many groups on your account as wish however a single vehicle can currently only be allocated to a maximum of 3 groups.

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