Customising your vehicle descriptions is a great way to add information that is specific and relevant to you and your fleet for quick and easy reference. Your vehicle description will show alongside your vehicle registrations online and against any report you run.

Typically, we will add your vehicle description as the make and model your tracking device has been installed into.

How do you do this?

Login as an administrator and navigate to:

Configuration > Vehicles

Run your cursor over the vehicle you would like to update which will show you 3 icons for selection, as shown below.

To edit each vehicle description and other areas relating to your vehicle and how it looks online select the pencil icon (Vehicle standard details)

Simply delete the current description and customise as you wish. To save your changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Update'.

Your new vehicle descriptions will now show online and will overwrite any previous descriptions on your account.

Any questions?

Why not contact our Systems Support who will be happy to help or make the updates for you on for US based customers or for our UK based customers.

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