Getting started

In order to change your vehicle icons on the live tracking map you will need to be logged in with your administration access details and head to 'Configuration' > 'Vehicles'.

Once you have selected the 'Vehicles' option you will be presented with your vehicles list. From here you can update each of your vehicles by running your cursor over each one and clicking on the pencil icon.

To help narrow down your selection start typing your vehicle plate in the search box located towards the top right of your vehicle list

Preview our range of icons before making any changes

Now you have selected a vehicle and clicked into the vehicle standard details section you will be presented with a screen similar to the below. From this option you can manage and update a range of areas associated with each individual vehicle such as the vehicle descriptions and group allocations.

Scroll down on this page until you reach the 'Live tracking' section where the icon options are shown.

Under this option are several fields you can customise which all effect how your icon will look online and on the mobile application.

  1. Initials: Allows you to add initials to overlay on the vehicle icon rather than a number. A limit of seven letters is recommended as not to type off the icon itself

  2. Select icon: This option will allow you to see the complete list of icons available for selection on the live tracking map

  3. Text Colour: This will be the colour of the text that overlays the vehicle icon

  4. Text size: The size of the text overlays the vehicle tracking icon

To preview the icon image, simply click on the 'Select icon' option to populate the full list available.

You can also enter your 'Initials' to preview how your text will appear when saved. If you decide you want see other icons then continue to select these from the 'Select icon' list, clicking on each icon as you wish.

Final decision made, lets update your selection
Once you have decided on your icon set up you will now need to save your work to ensure your changes apply to the live tracking map. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Update', if you wish to cancel out of this screen and make your changes some other time select 'Cancel'.

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