Downloading the Quartix application could not be easier, below is step by step guide on how to download this to your Apple device.

Open up your App store and click on the search option which is shown as a magnifying glass in the bottom right corner. To locate the app start typing Quartix which will start populating your results. From here select the option listed 'Quartix Vehicle Tracking'.

Once selected you will be provided with more details on the features you can expect to see when downloaded.

If you are downloading the app for the very first time the 'open' option on the right hand side will show as 'Install'. If you have downloaded this in the past it will show as 'open'. To continue to download press this option. Confirmation the app is downloading will show in the form of a circle with a stop symbol in the centre, the blue around the outside is the downloads progress. An example of this is shown below.

Following the successful download the app will then be shown on your phone with the Quartix Icon as shown below.

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