Where your vehicles visit areas of reduced or non existent cell coverage you may find your live tracking updates are delayed.

No need for panic!!

In such instances your Quartix device will continue to record and store trip data during these periods. Any stored data will then be transmitted as soon as your vehicle enters a strong enough cell area, backdating your trip info online.

Storage abilities

Storage capabilities will vary by the device type/model, however typically your tracking device can hold between 2 and 4 hours worth of tracking data whilst in poor cell areas which with today's coverage area is plenty enough to ensure trips completed in these instances are recorded. This data will then be transmitted across the network as soon as a good cell connection is restored.

Unsure if you are experiencing delays or a potential fault?

Reach out to our Support team by email on support@quartix.com or by telephone on 1-844-813-6663 and a member of our technical team will be happy to help.

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