Monitoring fleet utilization

Performance dashboards put real-time business information at your fingertips and can be accessed online from any location providing you with an overview of your vehicles activity when you need it.

The Quartix Dashboard provides you with up to date fleet information and and can be fully customized to contain a range of enhanced monitoring features.

  1. Individual dashboards and components can be customized and saved for each user

  2. Dashboards can be shared between groups of users for consistency

  3. Dashboard components can provide you with visual alerts when a specific alert condition is met. Alert parameters can be configured on each component which can be saved along with the Dashboard

  4. Drill down capabilities to view details and live tracking for individual vehicles

  5. Apply filters to individual components for individual vehicles, groups and/or reporting period where applicable

  6. Drag and drop feature is available to customize the overall layout for each user

The real time, graphical nature, and advanced features of the Quartix Dashboards make them an invaluable tool in monitoring your fleets activity and vehicle usage patterns.

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