The Quartix Dashboard feature can be accessed from the main application menu.

When the dashboard option has been selected, you will be presented with the below pop up where you can assign a name to your dashboard.

From here you also have the choice to start with a defaulted dashboard which will have all components added ready for you to customise or you can start with an empty dashboard where you can select which components you require.

Start with an empty dashboard

Adding your components

To add new components click on the plus symbol located towards the top right of the page. You will then be provided with the component options which you can select via drop box.

Select which component you would like to add and you will be returned to your dashboard with the selected component now showing.

To add more components repeat the process outlined above.

Saving your progress

To save your dashboards progress select the 'Save As' icon (below) which is located towards the top right of the page as part of the control panel for this feature.

You can also click on the floppy disk icon shown show below to save your dashboard.

Start with default dashboard

Selecting this option will auto-populate your dashboard for you (image below). 

From here click on the save icon to save this as your dashboard.

Keep going........

Quartix allows you to create unlimited dashboards on your account, this can be handy for creating them for multiple departments/groups. To add more click on the create new dashboard icon located on the control panel towards the top right of the page (icon image below)

This will then prompt you with the 'create new dashboard' prompt shown at the start of this article.

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