Where to find the Time on site

You can access this report online using both your user and administration access details and following the below route.

Fleet Management > Time On Site


The Time on site allows you to run a report to see when and how often a vehicle has visited a specific location. It looks for any "stopped with ignition-on" or "ignition off" events within a customised radius up to 5 miles (8.04 km) around a specified location.

The location search can be run on an address, postcode or a customised location. Below is an example of how this report looks when run online. In this example my location has been based on a postcode with a 4 mile radius.

Detailed location information available

By clicking on the address listed in the location field you can access more detailed information on where exactly the vehicle recorded that event on a map.

This will provide you with a greater understanding of where your vehicle was in relation to the location of interest. In addition, your current customised locations within the area will show as blue numbered dots. Run your cursor over each one to show the location name.

Identified a location of interest you would like to add?

From the above screen you can add the location as a customised location to ensure this shows on your live tracking and vehicle logs when visited in the future. In order to add customised locations to your account you will need to be logged in with your administration access.

Search by customised location

If you have already added your locations of interest to your account you can make your search even simpler. To base your search on one of these locations input your radius, start date and end date but leave the address field blank, similar to the image below.

Click 'View time on site' to proceed where you will then be shown a drop list option where you can select from your stored locations.

Click on your location of interest and the results will show on screen for you once the search has been completed.

Printing the report

You can print the report from our website by clicking on the printer icon from the control panel at the top of the report on the right side.

Exporting the data

The data from this report can also be exported directly from the site into a CSV file. To do this, simply click on the export icon which is also accessible from the control panel at the top right of the report.

Note: When exported the time will be in seconds rather than hours. This is down to the nature of the export to the CSV file.

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