Usage Profile

This component shows the percentage of your vehicles in use for each hour of the current day when used for today, or each day of the week when used to run by week. You can select the usage profile for today or this week from the drop down option as well as selecting different vehicles/groups or all vehicles.

Usage Profile - Today: This view shows the day in each one hour period

Usage Profile - This Week: This view shows the week in each four hour period

Each chart will display the number of vehicles with any trip events , this is shown as a percentage of your selected vehicles in each period. Note: A trip event is defined as an ignition-on, plus movement beyond the trip threshold value which is typically set at 250 meters.

Identifying which vehicles were used and which were unused

Clicking on any bar will list the vehicles in use and not in use during that period where you can directly access their vehicle log or Daily Route map to check their activity.

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