Real-Time Status

This will show you the current status of all vehicles from a selected group, this information is based on the last update for each vehicle.

Parked off site contains any vehicle which is currently parked but has been in use in that day. Parked on site will contain any vehicle which remains parked in its overnight location. To see a vehicle list in each category you can click on any of the pie chart sections where you will shown the vehicle plate, description and shortcut access to the vehicle log and route map.

Creating real-time status alerts/flags

An additional feature available on this component is the ability to set % target levels for a specific time window. You can manage this by clicking on the green cog icon (shown above in the top right corner) which can be accessed through the 3 line icon which is previously shown in the same corner. Once selected you will be prompted with the below menu.

When set against any status of vehicles it will add a visual indication of the actual value against the target on your dashboard component.

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