This component is a pie chart showing vehicles used and unused over a period of time. This can be run for today or this week from the drop down option located towards the top left of the component. Alongside the time you can also filter by vehicle groups where applicable.

The dial above will show you the percentage of vehicles in use/not in use along with the actual number of vehicles in each category.

Setting Target levels based on time and utilisation

To access these options click on the 3 lined symbol located in the top right of your component. This will open out 4 options as shown in the icon below.

Select the green 'cog' icon which will extend into the below pop out panel.

Below is a brief description on the options in the above image.

  1. Earliest Alert Time (Default 12:00): This is the earliest time at which the alert will be displayed. This will avoid having alerts at the start of the day when all vehicles will be below target

  2. Utilization Target Above(Default 80%): The target percentage of vehicles utilised

Prior to setting an alert time the sectors on your chart will be a neutral color. If the required target has not been met at or after the alert time has been set the 'in use' vehicle sector will be displayed in red to indicate the alert, whilst the 'not in use' sector will be displayed in blue.

In the above example I have set the target usage at 70% before 07.00 hours meaning I expect 70% of my vehicles to be in use by this time. As the mark has fallen short at 68% this has visually alerted me by highlighting this section red as well as listing the target level for reference.

Clicking on any sector will list the vehicles in use and not in use during that period in separate lists. This will allow you to then click on a vehicle to view the live tracking or daily vehicle log.

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