Number of Appointments

Also known as number of calls, this dashboard component is also shown as a speedometer/dial and will show you the number of appointments (off-site stops) made compared to a target. Similar to your other dashboard components you can select the number of appointments for today or this week from the drop down option as well as selecting different vehicles/groups or All Vehicles.

What is an appointment (call)

An appointment or call is deemed to be a stop at a different place to where your vehicles were kept at the start if their shift.

Setting your targets

In order to customize this to your needs you will need to define a target for the number of appointments/calls per vehicle, the total calls will then be calculated from that and the number of vehicles. The scale will be from 0 to twice the target level which will be displayed at the top of the chart.

To access these options click on the 3 lined symbol located in the top right of your component. This will open out 4 options as shown in the icon below.

Select the green 'cog' icon which will extend into the below pop out panel

Below is a brief description on the options in the above image.

  1. Earliest alert time (Default 12:00):This is the earliest time at which the alert will be displayed. This will avoid having alerts at the start of the day when all vehicles will be below target

  2. Target level (Calls per day per vehicle):The target number of calls per vehicle in a day (Default 20)

  3. Calls included (Default Ignition Off Only): Select to include stops with ignition on or for just ignition off stops only

Understanding what the chart will show you

Until the 'Alert Start Time' the dial will show neutral a color for the number of calls. If under target the chart will show as red and once your target has been reached this will show green.

If you have vehicles which are off the road due to maintenance then this will affect the group reporting figures for this dashboard component. To remove these vehicles you will need to unallocate them from the group using your administration login access or change the reporting parameters to reflect the new target.

From the chart you can bring up a list of appointments/calls per vehicle which will list these in ascending order of number of calls or a list containing links to the daily logs and route map for each vehicle.

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