Edit Vehicle Privacy Details

The 'Vehicles - privacy details' form allows you to change how and when your tracking devices report

Where can you find this?
You can define and manage each of your vehicles privacy hours using your administration login details and selecting Configuration > Vehicles.

You will need to select and edit each vehicle individually, run your cursor over each and then select the clock face icon.

Why would you need this?
This feature is typically used when your drivers use your vehicle for private trips. By setting the privacy controls this means that during the monitoring period all of your vehicles trip information is recorded, but outside the monitoring period only the mileage the vehicle has completed will be recorded therefore protecting you drivers personal data.

Accessing the form for update

Once you have selected configuration from your main menu you will then need to click on 'Vehicles' from the extended menu. You will then be presented with a list of your vehicles. To edit each one run your cursor over the vehicle and select the clock face icon from the 3 which will show.

Once selected you will then be presented with the privacy details form where you can make your changes and save them to the site.

Understanding the monitoring mode options

There are 3 types of vehicle monitoring that can be selected which will determine how the unit records outside of the specified times.

  1. Standard 24 hour monitoring: The default option for all vehicles. This mode will record all vehicle movements 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  2. Privacy-Defined working hours only: This mode will allow you to define core hours that the vehicle is monitored. Outside of your specified hours no trip information is recorded, only mileage. You will not be able to live track outside of the hours when in this mode

  3. No monitoring-holidays etc: If this mode is selected no trip information will be recorded at all, only mileage. You will not be able to live track your vehicles in this whilst in this mode.

Note: Whilst in modes 2 and 3 (above) no trip data is recorded and therefore not available for use or recovery if selected in error.

Setting your monitoring hours

Now you have selected your monitoring mode you can now update the monitoring hours.

From the form above you have the option of setting hours to apply for each individual day should you have times that differ day to day, weekends as a whole or weekdays.
To input the hours click on the option relevant to you, in the below example I have selected weekday. This will drop down confirming the option you have selected and to 'Add monitoring period'. If you have any previously entered times these will show in here.

Click on 'Add monitoring period' which will drop down a further option (as shown below) for you to enter your monitoring times in.

When your times have been entered the total time field will update showing you the total number of monitoring hours.

Once you are happy with your updates scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'update' to save. If you wish to cancel the changes select the 'cancel' button.

Deleting a monitoring period

Follow the above process to reach your time period for your selected vehicle.

To delete this select the trash can shown on the right hand side which is shown in the above image. This will then remove the entered time period. To save this change scroll to the bottom of your page and select 'Update'.

Adding multiple periods

In order to add multiple times to cover shift patterns select the 'Add monitoring period' option as shown below to prompt the start/end time option. In order to save any changes ensure you click update at the bottom of the page.

The above example has my vehicle being monitored between 08.00-17.00 and then 18:00-22.00. 

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