This vehicle utilisation report will give you an overview on how much your vehicles are being utilised and provide you with a summary of each vehicle or driver (Driver ID tag if applicable).

Where can you find this report?
This report can be accessed online using both your user and administration login details by selecting the 'Fleet Management' section from your application menu.

Running the report by vehicle or driver

A useful feature on this report is you can run this against a specific vehicle or a specific driver if you are using the driver id feature. This allows you to report on both the vehicle and driver utilisation.

What data is included in the Vehicle utilisation report?
The above image gives you an idea of how your report will look when run online. Additional information is provided below on each area the report is populated with from left to right.

  1. Vehicle or Driver: Vehicles (including descriptions) or drivers that are included on the report

  2. Month: The month for which the data has been run. If you are running this over many months each month will be split separately

  3. Distance (miles): The total distance in miles for the time period or month

  4. Travel time (h:mm): The total travel time for the time period or month

  5. Idling time (h:mm): The total idling time for the time period or month

  6. Idling (%): The % of idling (Idling % is calculated as the ratio of idling time to idling time plus travel time

  7. Max speed (mph): The maximum speed recorded for the time period or month

Printing/exporting your vehicle utilisation

As with many of the Quartix reports you can either print or export this from our site for your records.

Exporting - This will be exported in a CSV file. This option can be found on the right hand side of the report when run. Once exported, the report can be opened in Microsoft Excel and then reformatted as required. It will contain the same information as is shown on the online report.

Printing - The printing of this report is controlled by the printing attributes of the web browser you are using, so Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will operate slightly differently. The print option can also be selected from the right hand side of the report when run.

Schedule your Vehicle utilisation to be emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Set your Vehicle utilisation to be automatically emailed to you or multiple recipients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Scheduling your report allows you greater flexibility and reporting on your fleet so you can integrate this as part of your daily, weekly or monthly fleet review.

Using your administration access details you can schedule and manage this, and many more Quartix reports online giving you greater control of your Quartix system.

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