Driving style trend report overview

Part of the driving style collection of reports online, the 'Driving style trend' will show you the variation in a vehicle or drivers driving and speed scores over a customised period of time. This will allow you to track a vehicles/drivers improvement for a defined period going back as far as 12 months online as well as highlighting any trends for additional support when monitoring your drivers activity.

Running the report

Where can you find this report
The 'Driving style trend' report can be run using both your user and administration login access details. You can find this report under the 'Driving style' section online.

Generate by vehicle or driver
You can run the report by vehicle or by driver (driver id tag). These options are shown when accessing the report by 2 drop box options listed as 'Vehicle' and 'Driver'. From here, select either the vehicle or driver tag of interest, select your date range and click 'View trips'.

Understanding the report

Once generated you will be provided with the trend report similar to the below image

The score for each day is shown with the colour of each point representing the classification of you drivers score. The size of each circle represents the amount of driving done that day. A high score is shown as green and would indicate fewer harsh braking/accelerating events. Running your cursor over each point will provide additional information on that score as shown below.

The larger points will provide you with a more overall picture of the vehicle/driver style over the smaller points as the vehicle/driver has completed a larger journey where as smaller points may only indicate a very short trip. However, all points will be important when identifying trends.

Alongside the driving style trend is the speed score trend which operates on the same basis as the above. When selecting a point from the graph you will see additional information relating to the vehicle/driver speed.

Printing/exporting the driving style trend

As with many of the Quartix reports you can either print or export this from our site for your records.

This will be exported in a CSV file with all of the events listed in a table. This option can be found on control panel located towards the top right of the report.

The printing of this report is controlled by the printing attributes of the web browser you are using, so Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will operate slightly differently. The printer icon can be selected from the control panel found in the top right hand corner of the report when run.

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