Monitoring your fleets road speeds are vital in ensuring your drivers and other road users health and safety, vehicle condition and company reputation and not to mention staying within the law.

Where can you find this report

The 'Speed analysis' report can be found online under the 'Driving style' option from your application menu when logged in as either a user or administrator.

What will this report show you?

With this feature a report will be displayed showing you speeds above the limit entered for all selected vehicles. There are 4 options to select from to recover the speed data you are most interested in.

  • Above speed limit (mph): This will return vehicles exceeding the speed keyed

  • Limit exceeded by % : This will return any speeds exceeding the percentage entered above the speed limit applicable to the road

  • Limit exceeded by (mph): This will return any instances of vehicles exceeding any speed limit by the value entered

  • Safe speed above %: Based on our safe speed database will return any vehicles above the percentage entered on the safe speed recorded

When run against any of the above, the speed report will show the below information.

Registration No & description

  1. Speed limit (mph): This will show the speed limit last known for the road

  2. Safe speed percentile: This will show the safe speed percentile for the speed recorded by the unit/vehicle

  3. Max speed (mph): The maximum speed recorded on each day of the report time period above the entered speed

  4. Date: The date the speed was recorded

  5. Time: The time the speed was recorded

  6. Mins in day above speed limit: The total minutes in the day that vehicle went above the speed threshold

You can also expand each vehicle line to show additional times when the speed threshold was exceeded. Simply click on the + symbol to the left of the registration number.

Identify where each speed was recorded

The 'Speed analysis' report also allows you to see where any high speeds have been recorded by clicking on the speed or date from the report which then highlights this on your route map.

How far can you look back?

Data is stored online just over 12 months for access online, however as with many of the Quartix reports you can print this direct from our site for your records.

Schedule your Speed Analysis to be emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Set your Speed Analysis to be automatically emailed to you or multiple recipients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Scheduling this allows you greater flexibility and reporting on your fleet so you can integrate this as part of your daily, weekly or monthly fleet review.

Using your administration access details you can schedule and manage this, and many more Quartix reports online giving you greater control of your Quartix system.

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