Sharing a dashboard you have created could not be easier. This feature will allow you to share your creation with other staff members to ensure the right people are monitoring the right areas of your fleet.

Let's get you started....

Once you have created your customised dashboard(s) you can access these via the 'Dashboard' option from your application menu. You will then be taken to your first dashboard you created on the account. If you would like to share a different dashboard you can view and select these by clicking on the downwards arrow alongside your dashboard name located towards the top left of your page. This is shown in the image below.

Now you have selected the dashboard you would like to share select the share icon which is located as part of the control panel towards the top right of your page and is shown as a right swooping arrow.

When selected you will be presented with a pop up box which will contain all of the usernames currently set up under your account, select the user or users you would like to share your dashboard with. Note: you will not be restricted to a single selection, from here you can tick multiple users should you wish.

To complete the process simply click on the 'Share' button which will be shown under your user list. Please note if you have a lot of users set up on your account you may need to scroll down to see this option. If you wish to exit you can select the 'Cancel' button.

You have now shared a dashboard!! This will show on your selected users login details very shortly so they can start monitoring the areas that are important to you and/or their department.

**Note: The user(s) you have shared the dashboard with will NOT have the ability to delete this. This can only be carried out by the creator, once deleted by the creator this will remove the dash from all shared users. A system prompt will confirm this ahead of deletion.

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