Quartix takes privacy very seriously and offers the ability to turn GPS tracking off during preset hours. There is a reason you have allowed your trusted employees to use company vehicles after hours, and vehicle tracking should not get in the way of that privilege. 

(Above image shows the privacy controls layout when accessed online)

By defining working hours you can disable the monitoring and storage of vehicle movement information for non-business hours. The system will only report mileage covered during such periods but not the locations visited.

Monitoring modes available within privacy controls

Determine which of the monitoring modes available best suite your company and employee's needs. There are three types of vehicle monitoring that can be adjusted with the privacy controls, these are - 

  1. Standard 24 hour monitoring (default): Records vehicle movements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  2. Privacy - Defined working hours only: Define core hours that you vehicles are to be monitored. Outside of these hours, only the vehicles mileage is recorded

  3. No monitoring: Whilst in this option only vehicle mileage is recorded

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