Simple to use vehicle tracking

Real-time tracking

  • Pinpoint the position of your vehicles

  • Follow them with Google Maps

  • Analyze their daily activity

  • Use the mobile or desktop app

Use the Quartix system to track your vehicles and drivers in real time, anytime, using any internet-connected device. There is no need for additional software - everything is accessed over the web.

Individual driver reports

  • Detailed logs of all journeys

  • Easily check activity on a specific date

  • Reports automatically generated and delivered

Daily fleet tracking logs are presented in a clear, easy-to-read format. The day is split into separate trips and the level of detail in the report can be specified for each vehicle. Stops with the ignition on and short movements around a site can either be shown or filtered out.

Driving style analysis

  • Speed, acceleration and braking profiles

  • See driver performance ranked on a league table

  • Save fuel and reduce accident risk

Quartix can tell you more than just where your vehicles have been -  driving style analysis reports will also tell you how fast your drivers were getting there, plus their braking and acceleration scores. You can even compare scores across your whole fleet to see who is driving well and who needs improvement.


  • Set prohibited or mandatory geographical zones

  • Get alerts when your vehicles break those rules

  • Ensure your vehicles are where they need to be, even during off-hours

The Quartix system can let you know about unauthorized vehicle movements in real-time. By creating geographical zones and establishing time-based rules for when your vehicles should be inside or outside each zone, you can keep track of your fleet even after hours.

Comprehensive reporting

Quartix does the hard work of analyzing the data and generates simple to use reports. Everything can be accessed on the web and our system includes a wide range of vehicle tracking reports and displays, helping you identify your best drivers and make sense of mileage and fuel costs so save some of those paperwork headaches.

IFTA reporting (USA customers only)

  • Simplify filing your IFTA reports

  • Calculate average MPG per vehicle with ease

  • Save Yourself time and effort with our IFTA calculator

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