When opening our Excel based reports you will be presented with a scene very similar to the below.

When first seeing this it is understandable you may think there is a problem and no data has been recorded. However......fear not!! due to our vehicle log containing Macros Excel will always open such a document in 'Protected View'. This is also confirmed by the bar shown at the top of this report (shown below).

Populating the data

Although the warning says our report could contain a virus or may be potentially harmful, there is no issue with our spreadsheet. To remove the protected view click on the 'Enable Editing' button within this bar which will then populate the data for you.

Additional information on enabling the data is provided in the main body of the email your Excel report is sent on, this is located below your vehicle management summary.

Note: Dependent on your Excel version the protected view bar may show in pink, simply click on the bar which will take you to a new screen. In order to populate the data select the 'Edit Anyway' button located towards the top left of the page. Once selected this will return you to your document now showing the data.

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