If your vehicles complete their work between time zones or you know in advance they are going to be in a different time zone you can update this online. When first creating your account Quartix will set the time zone based on your companies base address.

Where to manage your time zones
In order to make such changes you will need to be logged in with your administration login details. Once logged in select 'Configuration' from the application menu on the left hand side.

Updating the time zone

The configuration option will extend into above sections, from here select the 'Vehicles' option which will then list all of the vehicles you currently have access to.

From here you can select and edit each of your vehicles. In order to edit your selected vehicle click on either the ID, Description or vehicle plate and you will see the below 3 additional icons.

They eye icon allows you to view the vehicles settings at a glance, the clock face allows viewing and editing of monitoring hours but the one we are interested in is the pencil icon which allows you to customize the individual vehicles settings.

When selected you will see the below options at the top of the page.

Click on this drop box labelled 'Time Zone' to extend the options available to you and from this list select the time zone you wish to update the vehicle to.

After you have made your selection, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Update' where you will then be returned back to your vehicle list.

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