Quartix automated reports are a fantastic way of viewing your vehicles information without having to login each time to check their previous activity. They are also handy if you only wish to provide staff with a vehicle overview and not access to the online system. Unless requested in advance, Quartix will set your vehicle logs to send to the contact listed on your account when setting up your account for the first time.

Where can you locate the option to manage these

Managing your daily and weekly log details can only be done using your administration login details. Once logged in select 'Configuration' from the application menu on the left hand side. When selected, the configuration menu will extend with additional options.

Updating your vehicle logs
From the above options select 'Vehicles'. You will then be presented the list of vehicles your access is currently set up for.

From here you can see a summary of the set up for each vehicle which includes the vehicle description, number of groups each are allocated to and automated vehicle log information at a glance. To edit each vehicle run your cursor over the vehicle description, this will then present 3 icons (shown below). Click on the pencil icon to continue.

Once you have selected the pencil icon you will see many areas relating to your vehicle management and how this can look online. However, in this instance we are interested in managing your vehicle logs. To view your options in this area scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the below options.

Daily vehicle Log
If you do not currently have your logs active you will see the above layout. Click the tick box labelled 'Enabled' which will allow the greyed out fields to be edited. The run time entered will be the time your report is generated on our systems and not sent. The log will be sent shortly after this time. The next run date will be the date the next log is sent.

If you wish to add multiple recipients to the report you can, simply separate each address with a ; and no spaces before or after in the 'Email to' and 'Email cc' fields.

Weekly spreadsheets

Exactly the same principles as the daily logs, to make the greyed boxes available for selection click on the 'Enabled' box. The next run date entered here will determine what your working week looks like on this report. This will always contain the previous 7 days trip activity.

If you wish to add multiple recipients to the report you can, simply separate with a ; and no spaces before or after.

To save any changes made ensure you click 'Update' at the bottom of the page where you will be returned to your Quartix home page to make another menu selection.

Important note: The time you enter for these reports is the time they will generate on your account and not necessarily the time they will be sent. Dependent on how many other customer logs are sent on the same day and around the same time may cause slight delays to the times set.

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