Flexible access to your tracking data is vital in today's climate as you are never entirely sure when you may need it to confirm your vehicles activity. This could be for an insurance claim from the past, a customer query or a mileage query from the taxman.

Online Data - upto 12 months

You can access your data online for just over a 12 month period. This is providing the vehicle you are requesting data for is on your account. Whilst the vehicle and data is available online you can run any of the Quartix reports against it.

Archiving Data

What happens to the data when it is no longer available online?...After this period your tracking data is archived on our secure servers where, upon request we can recover this should you need it.

Storage of data
When archiving our customers data we only store this in the format this is sent into us by our units and therefore cannot be run against any of the online reporting previously available.

Requesting archive data
If you find the data you require is over 12 months you can request this information by sending an email to our Systems Support team on systemssupport@quartix.com for US customers or systemssupport@quartix.net for our UK customers.

Once recovered our team will send your data over in an Excel document which will contain the below information:

  • Plate Number

  • Date/Time of the recorded event

  • Event (ignition on, distance, stop, igntion off)

  • Grid co-ordinates (X+Y) & Lattitude/Longitude

  • Speed

  • Distance

  • Location

Such requests can take a little longer to process than your regular request so please allow upto 7 days for this data to be sent over.

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