The answer to this question is dependent on if you are brand new customer having your very first installation or whether or not you are an existing Quartix customer and having an additional vehicle added. Why does this matter...?

 New Customer - First Installation

If you have just had your very first Quartix tracking device installed then there will be a short delay in providing you access to the system so you can see your vehicles online. Various checks and processes are carried out ahead of sending on your access for the very first time. We aim to send login access the following morning on installs completed Monday-Thursday, installations carried out on a Friday and over the weekend will be delayed due to our offices being closed over the weekend.

Existing Customer - Additional vehicles

Once our engineer has sent us the unit and vehicle details we can process your newly tracked vehicle(s) onto your account. Once processed by our systems team your vehicle(s) will show online right away where data will show online from your vehicles next trip. 

Tracking data will record from the point of your tracking installation so don't be worried about missing any data if this is not added to your account right away.

Note: Our engineers are instructed to call/email installation details from site once the work has been completed. Quartix make every attempt to obtain the closedown details on the same day however as our engineers are sub-contracted unavoidable delays may occur.

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