Once you have sent in your drivers details and we have added them to our systems you can then login online to set the drivers passwords for distribution.

Below are the instructions on how to set the password for your driver(s) which have already been added to your account.

Updating your driver passwords

In order to set or amend your driver passwords you will need to be logged in with your administration access details. Once logged in navigate to the 'Configuration' section as shown below.

Once you have clicked on the 'Configuration' option you will be presented with a sub menu, from this list you need to click on 'Drivers'.

This will bring up a couple of drop down boxes, one called 'Group' and one called 'Driver'. If your access is set up to have full access to the system or access to multiple groups, then in the 'Group' drop box you can select from any of the groups set up under your account. If you have access to a single group this field will only contain that group name. This feature is useful for full administration users as it will allow you to filter by group before trying to find the driver.

The driver drop box will then display the drivers that have been set up for that specific group as shown below.

Note: Your driver names will be listed

Once you have clicked on your drivers name, click OK. This will then bring up the 'Edit Driver Details' for that specific driver. The screenshot below shows you how this screen will look.

Note: Your driver information will be included in the relevant fields

To change the password for the driver you need to click on the 'Change Password' button at the bottom of the form.

When selected, an additional section will appear at the bottom of the form which is where you will set the drivers password.

To complete this, you will need to fill in the password for the driver and in addition to this you will also need to confirm the password for the login details you are using in the 'User Password' field.

Once you have completed both of these fields and made a note of you drivers new password, click on the update button to save your changes.

This will then return you to your drivers selection page where you can select your next driver for update, repeating the above steps.

Once you have set your drivers passwords up online it would be great to get the drivers to login to the app on their tablets to make sure that they can gain access okay.

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