Quartix status reporting provides you with status information based on your tracking units connection to any ancillary inputs or to temperature monitoring sensors.

Along with status information showing you when it was turned on and off or temperature readings this report will also show you trip information that the vehicle has logged by day.

The screenshot above shows you some of the status's our customers currently have set up. 

The status reports can be set up for any feature on a vehicle that has a voltage change. The voltage change must be constant while the operation is in progress. Examples of typical connections are - 

  • Sweepers

  • Gritters

  • Cutters/Mowers

  • Bin lifts

  • Doors

  • Blue lights

  • Sirens

  • Panic buttons

  • Tail lifts

  • Tippers

Where to find this report

Once your tracking device has been connected to your vehicle feature the report will be added to your account. Typically, these types of reports will be categorised under Trips however they can be added to Fleet Management if required. The report will be named based on the feature which the unit is reporting on, such as sweeping Report or Gritting Report.

Running your status report

The status report can currently only be generated for a single vehicle with the option to narrow your search down by selecting its group from a drop box option. Enter your date manually, selecting it form the calendar or selecting the popular options of 'Yesterday' or 'Today' and click 'View report' to generate the report.

You will notice the status report looks very similar to your daily vehicle log, with the only addition being the status activity on the right hand side.

The on/off status changes are shown by the 2 time stamps in the far right column and at the bottom of the report the total daily totals are shown for each vehicle. These will list the total travel time, idling time, distance in miles and your status activity.

Access your vehicles route with status activity shown

As the status report is based on the daily vehicle log, you also have the option to click through and see the route map for each recorded trip. By clicking the magnifying glass icon shown under each trip you can access the vehicles speed, direction and status activity. An example of how this would look is shown below.

In the example above, there are blue circles or halos around some of the data points, while some have been changed to solid blue circles. The solid blue circles indicate when the status recording started and finished. The blue halos show events that were recorded when the status was active. Running your cursor over each data point will provide you with additional information.



As with many of your Quartix reports, the status report can be exported into Excel where you can reformat the data as you require.

You also have the option to print a copy of this report for your records. Both options are available from the control panel found in the top right of the report.

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