Available on either a daily or weekly basis, this key management tool is of particular value to fleets operating from multiple depots, or within groups of vehicles covering different areas.

The weekly route chart provides an overview of your mobile workforce activity in any selected day/week, displayed clearly on a colour plot line. This simple, yet brilliant report can greatly assist you in optimising your fleet operations. 

Key features include:

  • 7 Days' worth of routes summarised on a single map

  • Each vehicle or group shown in a different colour for clarity

  • Google mapping - Allowing you to zoom in/out, change terrain and use street mapping

  • Customised vehicle selections - Omit vehicles to limit viewing (where required) to compare certain vehicles against each other

  •  View stops made along each vehicles route by clicking on each route

Benefits of route analysis

The Quartix daily and weekly route reports are an invaluable business tool, offering numerous financial benefits, such as:

Cost savings with the visual identification of journey overlaps or duplication's. Removing these inefficiencies will result in reducing your fuel and maintenance costs

Streamlining of your fleets activities whilst retaining excellent standards of customer service through raised levels of operation

More efficient allocation of service/delivery calls through improved insight into longer term fleet activity

Optimum allocation of new clients to specific depots, based on a graphical overview of current routes

Where can you find your route charts?

Both the daily and weekly route charts can be accessed using your user and administration login details and can be selected from the Trips section online.

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