Happy New Year!!

Below is an overview on our fleet tracking updates which have been released online earlier this week.

**NEW** Daily and weekly route charts

Great news, we have added a new online report to support you in your fleet management. The daily and weekly route charts provide you with a complete picture of your fleet's movements by laying out the entire route for every vehicle in a group or across the fleet on the same map.

You can also click on each route on the map to see where each vehicle made any stops. The red indicators that appear along the route are numbered in ascending order, starting with the first stop made. Hovering over each point displays the time, date and address of the stop.

*This report is available to all Infoplus and Infofleet packages and can be located under the Trips section from your main menu

Speed Analysis

Previously known as the Monthly speed report, this is now known as 'Speed analysis'. The reason for this update is that Quartix now offers greater flexibility when running this online as this is no longer restricted by a monthly time period.

When selecting the report under the Driving style section you can now enter a start and end date to run this over a shorter period of time. The information and content of report remains the same.

VIN number

Providing you with greater control, you can now adjust the VIN number on your vehicle's profile. Previously, this could only be done by a Quartix support adviser. In order to make these changes you will need to be logged in with your administration access and select Configuration > Vehicles - standard details

iOS update

The Quartix app for iOS has been updated to improve usability and ensure compatibility with iOS 12.

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