To continue improving our processes to manage your support queries, we have been updating the sender e-mail for all of our automated reports from to

You will notice this on the below reports:

  • Daily vehicle logs

  • Daily group reports

  • Weekly vehicle logs

  • Weekly driver reports (driver id only)

  • Any report online which requires e-mailing

  • No movement report

  • Missing driver tag report

  • Driving hours report

How this will impact you

For the most part nothing will change, however action may be required in the below circumstances:

  1. If you have setup e-mail rules to filter/file reports, you may need to alter these rules to accommodate the new sender address

  2. E-mails from will NOT be monitored. If you have any support requests, please continue to e-mail these to

New look vehicle logs

Some of you may have noticed changes in the e-mailed reports you have received over the last few months. We are continuing to role out the new look on our e-mailed reports from a blue style to our current brand colours, green/black/white which are the same as our fleet tracking application and website.

All updates covered above will continue to be introduced over the coming weeks.

Not received your vehicle logs?

Ensure you check all e-mail folders for any 'missing' reports as these may have filtered into your junk/spam folders. Due to the attachments on some of our e-mailed reports, it may also be worth checking with your IT team to ensure these are not being stopped/held for any reason.

If you have checked the above and still cannot locate these please report this for investigation by emailing

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