Following the installation of your Quartix tracking device our Systems Support team will send you an email containing your access details to the Quartix website. In most instances these will be sent the following morning. The emails which contain your access details are called 'Welcome E-mails'.

What your 'Admin' will show you

Your administration login details will provide you with all of the great reporting options found under your 'user' access with the addition of a 'Configuration' option. This additional option allows you to make various changes to your tracking account such as updating vehicle registrations, group allocations plus much more.



The layout under both packages (shown above) remains the same with the additional 'Configuration' option slotted in towards the bottom of the list. Lets take a look at what you can expect to find when selecting this option.

Configuration in more detail

The configuration option under your administration details is an extendable option, this can be identified by the '>' shown alongside. When selected, the additional options under this section are shown underneath. (shown below)

  • Company: Update your company contact details that show online, manage your data retention period and also your trip classification

  • Custom locations: Upload your customised locations from an Excel spreadsheet onto your Quartix tracking system

  • Drivers: Applicable for customers using driver id tagging, this option allows you to manage and update your driver tags

  • Geofences: (Infoplus & Infofleet only): Draw customised polygons to generate alerts of vehicle entries/exits

  • Groups: Create, edit and clone groups on your account. You can also set up and manage daily group reports for each of your groups

  • Scheduled reports: View and manage all of your scheduled reports set up online (Driving Style League Table, Utilisation Analysis, Speed Analysis and Trip Reporter)

  • Users: When accessed under configuration you can reset all passwords under your account or set a 'force reset' prompt when a user next logs on. You can also create and edit new and existing login access details to the Quartix system

  • Vehicles: Here you can view all of your vehicles and edit key management information in areas such as management data where you can input vehicle management data such as Mileage readings, MOT/Tax Data. Privacy details, allowing you to set monitoring hours n your vehicles for mileage reporting or defined hours for business/private trips. Standard details, manage and update the way your vehicles appear online. Covering areas such as vehicle registrations, descriptions, icons and more

Handy Tip: Your Welcome E-mail access details are sent from for our UK customers and for our US customers and may automatically filter into your junk/spam folders. Please check all email folders should you not be able to see these in your main inbox

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