One of the many features of the Quartix Infoplus and Infofleet packages is the ability to receive an alert if a vehicle is inside or outside an area at a specific time of day. This area can be specified by either a customised location or by drawing a customised Polygon online.

In this article we will walk through how to create your polygon online using your administration access details.

When to start thinking about drawing a customised polygon

You can draw a polygon for any location of interest, however these are particularly beneficial for covering larger or more unique locations such as:

  • Streets

  • Isolated locations

  • Bridges

  • Counties

  • Site yards

Locating the Geofencing tool

In order to create your polygon, you will need to be logged in to the website with your administration login details. Once logged in click on Configuration > Geofencing.

You will then be shown a summary page of any previously drawn polygons saved on your account as shown in the image below.

If you are accessing the first time this page will be blank.

Creating your Polygon

To start creating your polygon area click on the + symbol located towards the top right of the screen alongside the search box

When selected, you will be taken to the below screen which is mainly taken up by a map which is defaulted to showing London and its surrounding areas

Locating your area of interest
If you know where your location is you can click and hold on the map which will allow you drag this around. You can also use the scroll on your mouse to zoom in and out for even more accuracy.

Alternatively, you can use our newly added search facility. This fantastic new search box allows you to start entering a postcode or street name and will list the most relevant results for selection.

The above search box can be found towards the top left of the map as shown above.

When you select your location from the dropbox the map will re position to the area selected.

Drawing your Polygon area

In this example I have selected Anfield in Liverpool which has taken me to the below:

To start mapping your polygon area simply click on the map which will add a single point. (shown a the bottom of this image)

When you pull your cursor away from each point you will be setting the length and angle of your polygon shape. Clicking on the map again will set this and add another point for you to continue this process.

Repeat this process until you have plotted all points around your area of interest and once connected the polygon area will fill with red colour (by default).

Last minute alterations?

Once drawn you can click on the polygon and drag this around the map to drop on a different area or you can click on a point and drag this in or out to alter the shape of your polygon. 

If you drag a point which you wish to undo simply click the below icon which will appear on the point you have altered.

Reset and start again....You can clear your progress so far by clicking on the 'Reset' button found in the top left of the page. This clears any points plotted so far.

Saving your polygon creation

When you are happy with your polygon you will need to name and save this. Add the name in the description box at the top of the page.

To save the polygon, click on update located to the far right of the description field. Cancel will take will return you to the polygon summary page and out of the map.

Once saved you will be returned to the geofence summary page where your saved polygon will now show.

Additional Help & Support

For additional notes on this feature you can click on the question mark icon found in the top right of the map.

Setting up the alerts

In order to have your saved polygon activated simply email support@quartix.com (UK & USA) with the below details:

  • Polygon name

  • Alert type (Mandatory or Prohibited)

  • Alert recipients (Email and/or SMS)

  • Hours of operation

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