If you are a Quartix administrator you can now create additional login details online. In addition to creating these, you also have full control over what each account can see, so if you want a customer to view the live tracking only....no problem, you can quickly and easily define this when setting these up online.

Locating your new user feature

When logged in with your administration login details simply select Configuration > Users

When selected you will be shown your user summary screen which lists all of your current usernames, recovery emails, reports etc link to each user.

Creating a new user/admin account

To add a new account click on the + symbols shown alongside the search box in the top right of the page.

You will then be taken to the 'Edit user' page where you can start adding in your new user information.  Breaking this form down by section, additional information has been added below.


User name: For easy identification make this relevant to the user E.g users name
• Status: Control if/when the login details can be used online
• Email: This is a mandatory field and acts as recovery for the 'forgotten password feature online'. This should be the users own email address
• Title: Mr/Mrs/Ms etc
• Name and position within company fields


• Language: Select from a range of languages
• Order vehicles by: This applies to your vehicle listings in live tracking and drop boxes


• Must change password on next login: Tick this to ensure your new user changes their password, making this secure and personal to them
• Current Password for: Enter your own login password for verification
• New Password: Enter the new users password
• Confirm new password: Confirmation of the new password entered above


• Default report: Select which report shows immediately when your user logins each time
• Administrator: Tick to apply admin permissions, leave un-ticked for user permissions
• My user preferences: Selected by default, allows user to change own password online
• Selected reports only: Select this option if you wish to customise what your new user can view. When ticking this option you can click on each report in the left box to add to the account. To de-select click them from the right hand box


• No restrictions: Defaulted option, this will mean the user can see all vehicles & Groups
• Restrict to groups: Previously known as 'GroupManagers', when selected this will allow you to select which groups your user can see
• Restrict to vehicle: Previously known as 'GroupMember, when selected this will allow you to select a single vehicle for access from your complete list. As search box has been added to help make this easier
• Restrict to drivers: Only applicable to customers using driver id tagging. Control what drivers an access login can see

Saving your changes

To save your changes select the update button, this will return you to the user summary page. If you do not wish to save your changes simply select the 'Cancel' button which will also return you to the user summary page.

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