Group management is fast becoming one of the key Quartix features online and an essential tool in keeping fleets organised and efficient.

Following recent updates, you can now control many more areas when it comes to grouping online. In the past you were requested to email us with such updates but you can now add, clone and rename your groups using your administration details. In addition to this you can also control which group or groups your vehicles appear in at short notice, allowing you greater flexibility and control.

In this article we will walk through how simple it is to edit an existing group on your Quartix account.

Editing your vehicle group (s)

Groups are an efficient way of keeping your fleet organised online, whether this be for tracking, reporting or specific access for your staff or customers. It is rare that your vehicles will remain in the same group for their tracking duration and you may find you need to change the group at short notice to ensure they are where they need to be.

With the new group management screens you are able to amend the vehicles and drivers that are in each group.

In order to view a group or make any amendments you must be logged in with your administrator account.  Depending on your level of access you may be able to see all groups, a selection of groups or a single group.

Select ‘Groups’ from the Configuration menu to see all the groups that have previously been created. (image below)

The columns show how many vehicles are in each group or how many drivers (only applicable to driver id customers), as well as whether a daily log report has been set up for the group.

To reveal more details, select the check box to the left of the group name.

From here you have two ways to reach the edit group screen, you can either hover over the group name and click on the "pencil" icon -

Note: If you have clicked on the eye icon by mistake you can edit the group by clicking on the pencil icon from the view group screen.

The other way to get to the edit screen is to tick the group to be edited and then click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper and a pencil in the top right hand corner near the search box.

Once you are in the edit group screen you can change the following:

  • Description: This is the name that you want to call the group, for example Electricians, Plumbers North.

  • Vehicles: This is the section where you can move your vehicles into the group.  A vehicle can currently only be in a maximum of 3 groups so if you have vehicles that are already in 3 groups they will not show.

  • Drivers: This section allows you to group your drivers (for customers using driver id tagging only)


Clicking on the vehicle or driver will add them to the group.  If you wanted to add all you can click on the 2 chevrons facing left.  You are also able to use the search boxes to look for specific vehicles or drivers.

  • Daily Log: This is turned off by default but you can turn this on and you will receive a daily e-mail in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Your daily group report will contain a summary and vehicle breakdown for all vehicles within the group in a single email.

After you have click on Daily log you will be presented with additional options which need populating to send the report to the relevant people.  You can add multiple e-mail addresses as long as they are separated by a ; with no spaces between.

You also have the option to exclude Saturdays and Sundays from the reports (most customers do not change this setting).

If you are happy with the changes you have made and wish to save then select the green button labelled as 'Update'. If you wish to disregard the changes made select the white 'Cancel' option.

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