A recent addition to the group management feature, cloning a group is a great way to save time when creating a group where the group report recipient(s) are the same as an existing one.

How to clone a group

As with any changes you wish to make online you need to be logged in with administrator permissions. Once logged in simply select Configuration > Groups which will take you to your group summary page.

To clone a group you can either move your cursor over the group description to bring up the following and then click on the two white squares on the right hand side.

The other way is to view the group by selecting the eye icon and then click on the two squares in the top right hand corner.

The cloned group screen looks very similar to the create group screen, the main difference is that if the group you have cloned already has the daily group Excel report setup that will be setup already.

After you have created the cloned grouped you still have to give the new group a name by updating the 'Description' field at the top of the page and add in the vehicles and/or drivers from right to left
Clicking on the vehicle or driver will add them to the group.  If you wanted to add all you can click on the 2 chevrons facing left. You are also able to use the search boxes to look for specific vehicles or drivers.

Note: Only vehicles/drivers which are not allocated to the maximum of 3 groups will show in the 'available to add' boxes. We hope to increase the number of groups a vehicle can be allocated in 2020

To save your changes select
'Update' or to disregard any changes select 'Cancel'.

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