A long awaited feature requested by many Quartix customers in the past, 2019 has seen the release of being able to manage more areas around your grouping online. In this article we will take a walk through on how to add new groups online using your administration access.

Where to start....

In order to make any changes online you will need to be logged in with your administration login details.  Simply click on 'Configuration' from your main menu and then 'Groups' from the extended options as shown below.

When selecting this option you will be presented with the list of groups currently set up on your account, similar to the below. In this example there are already a number of existing groups, if you are a new customer or a customer who has not added groups in the past you are likely to see only a single group labelled as 'All Vehicles'. This group is set up by default on your account.

Creating your new group

Once you are happy that you need to create a new group, click on the plus symbol that is next to the search box. This can be found towards the top right of the screen as shown in the images above and below this text.

The plus will then bring up the create new group screen, this is split into the following sections, from top to bottom:

Description: This is the name that you want to call the group, for example Electricians, Plumbers North.

Vehicles: This is the section where you can move your vehicles into the group.  A vehicle can currently only be in a maximum of 3 groups so if you have vehicles that are already in 3 groups they will not show in the available to add box on the right hand side.

Drivers: This section allows you to group your drivers in the same way. (Grouping drivers will only be applicable and available for those customers who use driver id tagging)

A single click on each vehicle or driver will add them to the group one by one.  If you wanted to add all of your vehicles into the group you can click on the 2 chevrons facing left.  You are also able to use the search boxes to look for specific vehicles or drivers to make your search easier.

Activating the Daily group report

Shown as 'Daily log' with a tick box alongside, this report is turned off by default but you can turn this on and you will receive a daily e-mail in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.  This log will contain a summary tab covering all vehicles activity within the specified group and then a separate tab for each vehicle for a more detailed trip breakdown.  

After you have click on Daily log you will have the option to set the time the report is generated (this may not be when you actually receive the report) the next due date and you then need to enter the e-mail address(s) you wish to receive the reports.  You can add multiple e-mail addresses as long as they are separated by a ";".

You also have the option to exclude Saturdays and Sundays from the reports (most customers do not change this setting).

Saving your changes

Once you are happy with how your new group looks you need to click on "Update" and this will save it to the system.  If you decide you do not need the group you can click on Cancel and this will drop all changes.

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