In order to view a group or make any amendments you must be logged in with an administrator account.  Depending on the access you have, you may be able to access all groups under your account or a selection of groups under your account.

This article will provide a walk through guide on how to view what groups you have set up as well as the set up for each group. This will include how many vehicles are in each group, which vehicles are allocated to each group and also the recipients of the daily group report (where active).

Viewing your groups online

To view all of the groups you currently have set up on your account or have access to you will need to be logged in with your administration login details. Once logged in select Configuration from the menu and then 'Groups' from the extended menu which follows.

From left to right you will see the below headings:

 - Description: Name of the group
 - Vehicles: How many vehicles are allocated to the group
 - Drivers: How many drivers are allocated to the group (Applicable for customers who use the Quartix driver id tagging option only)
 - Daily log: Daily groups report status (If active a calendar icon with a tick is shown, if in-active no icon will show in this field)

To reveal a more detailed view behind the numbers for each group you can click on the tick box to the left of the group name. This will show you the vehicle registrations allocated to each group, driver tag name (where applicable) and the daily group report recipient(s) if active.

You can also see these details as part of a group summary by hovering your cursor over the groups description and clicking on the small eye symbol that appears, as shown below.

When selected you will see your group details in a single page, as shown below.

Handy Tip: If you would like to edit your group details from here click on the pencil icon located on the grey bar towards the top right of the page

From this screen you have the option to view a different group by clicking on the group name in the top left hand corner, it will bring up a searchable list of all the groups you have access to.

To return back to the original group table you can click on the three black lines in the top right hand corner of the form as highlighted below.

Clicking on the green box with the 3 white lines returns you to the main home screen for your account.

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