This newly added report allows you to find which of your vehicles travelled through a specified location. Your search can be run by date and time and you are able to apply a customised search radius. The location report can be an essential tool for insurance liability claims or customer complaints about any of your vehicles where a vehicle registration was not taken. In addition to this it can also show you how many times your vehicle(s) entered an area of interest.

Where can you find the Route chart - location?
This report is part of our Infoplus and Infofleet packages and be accessed by both the user and administrator when logged in online from the Trips section.

Running the Route chart - location
The report can be run across your whole fleet, by group or by a single vehicle depending your reason for running the report and how much information you have relating to your query.

The 'Nearest to' section allows you to enter a location postcode or address and the distance field allows you to specify a search radius with a minimum of 0.1 miles needed for input.

Your results will look similar to the below image, you can zoom in for more detail and run your cursor over any of the data points to find out the vehicle registration, description and the date/time that the event was recorded.

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