What is an IP rating?

IP (or Ingress Protection) ratings are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of an electrical enclosure against intrusion of solid objects such as dust or accidental contact and water.

Is my device IP rated?

No, the Quartix Connect & Track device has not been IP tested although it will be resilient to a point against general dust particles and water exposure.

Why is my device not IP rated?

The vast majority of the Quartix GPS devices are installed within the vehicles bodywork which means they are protected from the high amounts of exposure which could cause the tracking unit to become inoperable.
In instances where tracking devices are installed on plant equipment, trailers or agricultural vehicles we do offer the option of an IP rated waterproof enclosure which carry an IP rating of 66/67. The tracking device is placed within the enclosure and installed on the applicable vehicle/equipment.


If you have any concerns about the position of your vehicle battery and where the unit would be fitted in relation to any exposure to the elements speak with our Support team.

Note: Waterproof enclosures do carry an individual charge which will be confirmed prior to ordering.

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