Listed in this article is information relating to the installation of your new Quartix on battery device. This guide is also included in your shipment email for reference.

Your shipment - parts supplied

  1. TCSV11 GPS tracking system

  2. 2-wire power connection

  3. GPS and data LEDs

  4. Velcro fixing pads (underside of tracking device)

  5. Cable ties and fixing pads

  6. Surface cleaning sachet

If any part of the installation kit is missing, or you are unsure about anything at all, please call our Support team on 01686 806 663

Battery Safety

**IMPORTANT: Ensure your vehicle ignition is off before working on the battery terminals**

The 2-wire tracker is fitted to the top of the battery and the tracker power leads attached directly to the battery terminal clamps.

The fitting process involves loosening the clamp nuts using an adjustable spanner. Quartix strongly recommend using a tool with an insulated handle.

Extreme care should be taken when working on the positive battery terminal clamp to avoid touching the bodywork or chassis of the vehicle with any part of the tool.

DO NOT remove the terminal from the battery.

Securing your tracking device to your vehicle

Prior to fixing your GPS tracking system in place, note the serial number. The units unique serial number is highlighted green in the below photo.

The tracker should be fitted on the top side of the vehicle battery (usually under the bonnet) or alternatively, close to the battery charging posts. Position the tracker so that the status LEDs are visible to yourself. DO NOT fit to any hot surface.

Use the supplied alcohol wipe to clean the surface for the fixing area. Remove the tape from the Velcro strips and secure the unit.

Ensure the GPS device is securely fixed, with no possibility of obstructing the bonnet (when lowered) or the battery cover (if fitted).

Connect the power leads

The red wire is connected to the battery positive terminal and the black wire to the negative or chassis bolt. Loosen one terminal nut at a time and insert the tracker power connector under the nut. Re-tighten the nut.

Take great care when working on the positive terminal. Finally, use the small cable tie and cable tie pad as shown above to secure the wires.

Ignition on & test your Quartix device

The LEDs on the side of your tracking device will begin to flash as soon as the power leads are connected to the battery.

With the bonnet still up, wait for the GPS LED to stay on permanently and then close the bonnet. Your track & connect Quartix unit is now installed.

Adding your new installation to your online system

When you have installed your tracking device and taken it for a short trip (around the block) you will need to email your install and vehicle details to our Systems Support team on (UK Customers) or (US Customers).

The information our team will need is listed below:

  • Unit serial number

  • Vehicle registration

  • Vehicle make & model

  • Vehicle mileage

Once our team have confirmed your installation has been processed you can then logon and start tracking your vehicle(s).

If you have any queries at all please call our Support team on 01686 806 663

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