You can now schedule some of your favourite Quartix reports online when using your administration access details. Listed below are the reports which are currently available to schedule online:

  • League table (Driving style league table)

  • Speed Analysis

  • Vehicle utilisation

  • Trip Reporter

These can be scheduled by accessing each report online and selecting the 'Schedule' option where available.

How to view the reports you already have scheduled

In order to view a summary table of the reports you already have scheduled online you will need to be logged in as an administrator and select

Configuration > Scheduled reports

When selected you will be presented with a summary table as shown below.

Within this table you can view the following:

  • Who scheduled the report

  • Which group of vehicles the report is scheduled on

  • Report name (where specified)

  • Report type

  • Schedule frequency

  • Menu options: Scheduled by vehicle or driver

  • Next run date

  • Run time

  • Email to

  • Email Cc

  • Enable/disable

  • Delete

Editing existing scheduled report entries

To edit an existing scheduled report simply locate the report you wish to edit and click on the line. You will then be presented with the below pop up box which lists your available options.

To exit out without making an changes select 'Cancel' which will return you to your scheduled list or to save any changes you have applied click 'Schedule'.

Did you know?
You are not restricted to just a main recipient and a Cc recipient. You can add multiple recipients in each field. Simply add your email addresses in and separate with only a semi colon which is the ; punctuation symbol and no spaces.

Deleting a scheduled report entry

In order to delete an entry from the scheduled reporting table simply click on the 'trash can' icon shown on the far right of each entry line.

A prompt will appear which will ask for confirmation of your request. Select 'OK' to proceed with the deletion or 'Cancel' to stop the process and return to the summary table.

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