Connect & Track is a simple and discreet self-install option for Quartix GPS vehicle tracking. Our Connect & Track device simply needs connecting to your vehicles battery in order to get you up and tracking.

Key Benefits & features

The Quartix 'On-battery' tracking device stays secure and out of sight whilst generating a host of insights on your fleet's activity.

  • No engineer visits required

  • Device is secured and out of sight

  • Easy to move between vehicles

  • Simple over-the-air upgrades

  • Disconnection/low power alerts via email (UK Only)

  • Stores up to 500 trip events

Offering you a flexible option

It is easy to switch Connect & Track devices between vehicles yourself, making it the perfect choice for temporary contractors and businesses using leased vehicles.

See everything from driver time sheets and route maps, to driving style analysis on our online tracking system.

Quartix vehicle tracking offers you and your business a wide range of benefits which can start as soon as you have your device installed, area such as;

  • Boosting productivity and validating staff hours

  • Improving driving styles with details analysis and reports

  • Notifying you of drivers entries and exits from specific locations

No fuss! No nonsense!

The Quartix Connect & Track device easily connects to your vehicle battery using 2 wires. Once installed, you simply confirm the installation details by email such as the unit serial number and vehicle description to and our team will add this to your online access.

For a video guide show you just how easy your 2 wire tracking device is to install why not check out our website by clicking here.

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