There are a couple of different methods Quartix offer when it comes to separating business and private mileage such as;

  • Defining monitoring hours

  • Driver ID tagging

  • Separating completed trips using your weekly vehicle report

What is a weekly vehicle report?

This is an Excel based emailed report which is sent once a week per vehicle and is set up for all customers when they first join Quartix. It provides a summary for the last 7 days as well as individual daily activity logs for more detailed viewing. 

Recording business and private mileage

Separating this information on your weekly vehicle report could not be easier. Simply select the individual day(s) from the tabs at the bottom of the report.

Once selected this will take you to the daily summary, as shown below.

For the trips which are to be marked as private, enter a 'P' alongside each one in column 'L' which is located to the right of the 'Max speed (mph)' column. (shown below)

You will notice as soon as you move off the cell that 2 new measurements have now appeared under the 'Daily summary' section located in the top left corner of the report.

  1. Business mileage in monitored hours

  2. Private mileage in monitored hours

Handy tip: Within the daily summary section you can also type over the 'Fuel consumption (mpg)' field with your vehicles actual MPG (if not already configured) and this will recalculate the 'Expected fuel used (gals & litres)'

Repeat the process for each day where private mileage is to be marked up.

Summarising your weekly business/private mileage

Once you have updated each day you can view the overall business/private mileage completed for the full week by returning to the 'Summary' tab on your weekly vehicle report. There you will find the same sections as shown in your 'Daily summary' but this time they will show the weekly totals, as shown below.

Want to take advantage of this report?

Check with your administrator to ensure these are not being sent to a central email box or contact within your company. If they are not and you would like to activate these, you can manage the activation, the day these are sent and who they are sent to online using your administration login access and selecting Configuration > Vehicles.

If you have a large number of vehicles tracked with Quartix we would recommend contacting our Systems Support team who will be able to update these for you and advise of the format they require the data to be sent in.

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